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Shanghai HAYE Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd.

Leading because of professionalism. HAYE, which uses the technology of ALSON Technology (International) Co., Ltd., a global air-conditioning research and development organization, currently covers central air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning, commercial hot water machines and industrial refrigeration, including flooded water (ground) sources Heat pump unit, screw water (ground) source heat pump unit, integral water (ground) source heat pump unit, split water (ground) source heat pump unit, water-water type water (ground) source heat pump unit, chiller, hot water unit , Industrial chillers and air-conditioning terminal products and other 40 categories and 3000 sub-categories have become a central air-conditioning and industrial refrigeration factory with a complete product series and a wide range of customer choices, suitable for the actual needs of customers and cost-effective.

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    3 service production bases

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    4 major product series

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    The company covers an area of 60000㎡

Excellent quality depends on strong technical backing and standardized operating procedures. The production base has advanced manufacturing equipment and testing equipment: multiple assembly lines for large and small units; heat exchanger assembly lines; large painting and spraying production lines; CNC computer numerical control machining centers; AMADDA computer numerical control punching and folding machines Bending machine; Japanese sugino tube expander; panasonic automatic welding machine; national standard test and inspection center for large-scale water-cooled chillers; national standard test center for large-scale air-cooled chillers; national standard test and inspection center for household chilled water (heat pump) units. Strictly follow ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, CCC, and provide a strong guarantee for the realization of high-quality products.

Advanced production technology, perfect after-sales service, and high-quality product quality are the fundamental guarantee for the survival and development of an enterprise. HAYE takes technology as the core, product innovation as the orientation, and aims at the ever-increasing needs of customers. Under the guidance of the concept of "enjoy work and enjoy life", the thriving Hanyi makes unremitting efforts to promote the process of human life and lead the new wave of Chinese national industry.


Corporate culture

Corporate philosophy Broad tolerance, perfect refrigeration

Advertising concept HAYE, make the air conditioner more energy-efficient

Service Concept Work hard, serve wholeheartedly

Technical concept Leading because of professionalism

Quality concept, strive for perfection, aim for perfection

Cultural concept Enjoy work, enjoy life

The logo uses the "HAYE" Roman font as its basic element. It is concise and generous, showing an international style. There is a circle in the shape of the square, and a square in the circle. The square represents rational technology, soundness and integrity, and the mission is given to the work. The circle represents the exquisite process and perfect craftsmanship, and the product is endowed with art. The blue is the sky after thousands of birds soar, the sea after thousands of sails have passed, and it is the ray of light reflected by the glaciers in the Antarctic at the moment when a meteor in space passes by. It symbolizes profoundness, wisdom, technology, refrigeration, broadness, and leanness. The green is the vast grassland and the buds of the branches in early spring, and it is the tangy fragrance in the outing. It symbolizes environmental protection, health, vitality and vitality.


Production base


Engineering Service Agency

Shanghai HAYE Refrigeration Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a modern engineering service company integrating pre-sales, after-sales and engineering services, focusing on the research and implementation of service quality and engineering construction, and in-depth channel terminals. At present, more than 40 after-sales service management centers have been established in China and overseas to provide timely, efficient and stable engineering service support for more than 1,000 service networks around the world.

Jiangsu production base

Jiangsu HAYE Commercial Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and covers an area of 60,000 square meters. Jiangsu HAYE Commercial Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is an advanced manufacturing project introduced by Rugao Economic Development Zone. The company has a total investment of 100 million yuan and a registered capital of 30 million yuan. The company mainly produces refrigeration units, industrial chillers, air-conditioning refrigeration equipment and accessories, and concurrently engages in technology development, transfer, consultation, and service of refrigeration equipment. The products are mainly sold in China, and some products are exported to foreign markets.


Shanghai production base

Established in 2002, Shanghai HAYE Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Huangdu Industrial Park of Shanghai International Automobile City. Advocate enterprise, and has many international advanced processing, production, assembly, testing lines, mainly responsible for large-scale water-cooled screw full-liquid chillers, water (air)-cooled screw chillers, water-cooled screw low-temperature chillers, special industry non-standard R&D and production of other products.

Enterprise Honor

Strictly follow ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, CCC to provide a strong guarantee for the realization of high-quality products

  • 高新技术企业证书-江苏
  • 高新技术企业
  • ALSON合作协议
  • ccc
  • CE
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • 计量合格确认证书


Lead-in period
In March 1996, HAYE entered the Chinese market, mainly engaged in industrial refrigeration products
In June 1998, the first production base of HAYE, Shanghai HAYE Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. was established
May 2000 Established a strategic partnership with the well-known compressor manufacturer Taiwan Fusheng (FUSHENG) Company
May 2001 Established a strategic partnership with SIEMENS, Germany
Rapid growth period
In August 2003, the after-sales service company Shanghai HAYE Technical Service Co., Ltd. was established
In March 2004, in-depth cooperation with the global air-conditioning controller manufacturer Italy CAREL company
In March 2004, the National Standard Testing and Testing Center was completed and successfully accepted
May 2006 Passed CE and 3C certifications and entered the international market in an all-round way
Rapid development period
In September 2007, the new "HAYE" logo was officially used
In January 2008, the HAYE Alpine Skiing Youth Team of Tonghua City was established
In May 2008, in the face of the Wenchuan Earthquake, HAYE people immediately contributed their love and donated a total of nearly RMB 300,000.
In June 2008, with an investment of 100 million yuan, the second production base of Jiangsu HAYE was established
In December 2008, won the title of China's top ten national enterprises in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry
September 2009 Won the title of Independent Innovation Brand of Shanghai Equipment Manufacturing and High-tech Industry
In October 2009, it was successively awarded the title of Shanghai High-tech Enterprise
In December 2009, won the title of Top Ten Satisfaction Brands for Commercial Air Conditioners
In March 2010, the vapor compression cycle water chiller (heat pump) unit was rated as a key new product in Shanghai
In October 2010, HAYE became the governing unit of China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association
Leaps and bounds
February 2011 Join hands with "Reference News" to enter international brands
September 2011 Won the "Best Innovative Product Award" of HVAC Brand
In October 2011, the Shanghai local standards for high and low temperature heat pumps were compiled
December 2011 Won the 2011 "Most Popular Brand in the Market"
In May 2012, HAYE inverter chillers were officially launched globally, opening the era of industrial inverters
In September 2012, it was awarded AAA-level "contract-honoring and trustworthy" enterprise by Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce
In November 2012, won the first "China Refrigeration Polar Bear Award"
In November 2012, it was awarded China's top ten central air-conditioning national brands and China's top ten chiller brands
In May 2013, it was selected as Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise
June 2013 ushered in the fifteenth birthday, striding forward to the goal of the top 100 private enterprises in the country
In June 2013, the fifth-generation water source heat pump unit was awarded the China Energy Conservation Product Certification
May 2014 Successfully developed a variety of products such as cloud control products, pure ion PM2.5 purification central fresh air fans, open-type industrial chillers, etc.
In January 2015, HAYE water source heat pump products won the national key new product

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